Spring and new hope

I’ve just looked it up, and Spring doesn’t actually begin until 20 March, but I sense it approaching, and this morning our little Apricot sensed it too: As you can see, it’s a very young tree – placed against our south facing wall – but it’s full of enthusiasm!

And I see light at the end of the tunnel regarding Covid and Choirs. I had my jab a couple of weeks ago, so I’m approaching full immunity, and I guess many of my choristers will also have been jabbed. There seems to be a suggestion that we may be allowed to meet again from Monday 17 May and I’m certainly becoming hopeful that we may be able to resume ‘normally’ for a new season starting in September. I am beginning, along with choir committees, to make plans for at least a ‘soft return’ in May if possible.

In the last week of February we had some lovely weather and Robin and I were able to eat breakfast and lunch in our garden – admittedly with some warmish clothing on. It was lovely in the sunshine, but as soon as you were out of the sun it was very cold. It was my birthday last Sunday and we had a lovely day and celebrated with a bottle of Aldi champagne (I can recommend it, especially at £13.99 a bottle).

Members of the Community Choir (and many others) will know that our friend Mike Land died in December. There was a very nice and detailed obituary in the Guardian earlier this week (thanks to Stephen Kelly for sending me this).

I’m sure you can imagine that I often play the organ at funerals and I frequently think, listening to eulogies, how much I would have liked to know the person. Although I knew Mike for quite a few years, I really had little idea of what a full and academically significant career he had. I knew him as a keen bass and player of the curtal!

Before I sign off, some of you might be interested in a series of talks on music given by Ruth Kerr. The first one was on Monday, so you’ve missed Getting to know…the cello repertoire,  but if you fancy Getting to know…Maurice Ravel; or the chamber music of Brahms and Clara & Robert Schumann; or Verdi’s La traviata – do have a look at this Ruth Kerr Getting to know music and get in contact with Ruth directly.

I hope you are all well, and I look forward to updating you with more news soon.

with best wishes



  1. Thank you so much for sending this report Nick. I will always have fond memories of Mike’s good natured forbearance of our noisy giggling when staying in a room next door to myself, Barbara and Clare during one of our choir tours. I knew he was a clever chap but never realised just how accomplished he was. I can’t wait to get back to choir but will really miss seeing him there. On a happier note, it’s lovely to hear you and Robin are well, and wonderful to see your brave little Apricot tree!
    Danielle Sensier

    1. Author

      Great to hear from you too, Danielle. I hope you are all well over there in Hassocks. I hope to see you all soonish. Best wishes. Nick (and Robin).

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