May 2021

As the weather has been better over the last week, we’ve done a bit more in the garden. I thought you might like to see one of our ferns after I trimmed off last year’s foliage:

It looks almost pre-historic – but healthy.

In the couple of decent weeks we’ve had, Robin and I visited Herstmonceux Castle Gardens where we encountered this amazing Juniper tree.

And I’ve been able to enjoy my lunch in the graveyard at St Michael’s when I practice there. A team of volunteers have been bringing it under control and it looks lovely with all the wild flowers.

Let’s hope that very soon it will be open again to the public – it’s a hidden gem just off the High Street.

Feeling all kittenish
We’ve decided we need to have a cat/kitten..or two! For the last few years we’ve been able to share the company of one of downstairs’ cats, Bobby.

But he’s not ours and we’d like a cat that can come inside in the evenings. We will look at Raystede Animal Centre, but if anyone knows of a kitten/cat looking for a home – do let me know, please.

Next week I will begin seeing many of you in face to face rehearsals and recitals. East Sussex Community Choir meets on Monday evening. I’m taking an Esterhazy Choir rehearsal on Wednesday evening. And on Friday, Ruth Kerr and I have our recital of German Song and Duets at St.Anne’s (see below). Not to mention 2 funerals and Lewes Chamber Choir meeting. It’s all go again.

best wishes



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