Exciting things in the pond!

Earlier this week, Robin spotted 2 frogs in our pond. By the time she had got her camera, one had disappeared, but you can see the remaining one, alongside our two goldfish.


We don’t really know if these are the result of the frogs spawn we had a couple of months ago, or perhaps this is the frog that laid them. In any case, he/she seems happy enough and to be making friends with the goldfish.

Another good piece of news, is that we have just been allowed to ‘adopt’ Bobby, the downstairs cat who had taken up residence in our flat. He doesn’t get on with the other 3 cats downstairs, so the nice owner thought Bobby would be happier if we had him. I’ve installed a cat-flap and he seems to be more relaxed almost straight away.

On Monday we had our first Community Choir rehearsal in months. It was lovely to have so many there and really enjoying singing together.

This morning I was in Lewes at St Anne’s Church with Ruth Kerr, having a final rehearsal before our recital tomorrow evening. It’s been a life-saver for us both to be able to meet each week and prepare these recitals. Thank you St Anne’s for allowing us to rehearse there. And I’ve been going to practice the organ a lot at St Michael’s Church (where I am organist). I’m giving the first recital there on Sunday 20 June at 3pm, playing music by J.S.Bach (the big C minor Prelude and Fugue which was played at the end of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral recently); 2 lovely pieces by Dietrich Buxtehude; 2 pieces by Frank Bridge; a quirky little Pastorale by Peter Racine Fricker, and the Toccata by Georg Mushel (20th Century Russian composer). We’re hoping to allow 70 in the audience, but booking is recommended, as it’s the day before further/final lifting of restrictions. Tickets are free (or with Donation) and available on Eventbrite

Well I think that’s all I have to report for the moment. Let’s hope it continues to be a good week. And remember to batten down the hatches against the storm arriving tonight.


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