Today, Sunday 29 March, I would normally be at St Michael’s in Lewes by now, preparing to play for the 10.30 Mass. Also today, the Brighton Singers (I’m the MD) were going to perform at St Nicholas Brighton (just up from the clock tower on North Street). The programme was the Duruflé: Requiem with Andrew Robinson (baritone) and Briony Lambert (mezzo-sop) and my London-based friend, Iestyn Evans playing the very challenging organ accompaniment. That’s a wonderful piece based on the Gregorian chants for the Missa pro defunctis or Mass of the dead. A lot of the vocal lines in Duruflé’s setting are lifted directly fromRead More →

These are strange times, so I thought I’d try to keep in contact with all the lovely people I usually spend my time with, but because of the Coronavirus, we can’t meet. My diary is abruptly and unexpectedly blank – like I’ve just committed a crime and am out of circulation. So what am I going to do with all these empty hours, days, weeks and possibly months? Well I’m going to keep up a blog so that those of you who are interested and want to keep in touch, can share some of my interests and, if you like, you can share your comments.Read More →