Death of David Debrizzi: Paul Micou I’ve just enjoyed reading this book, for the second time. I first read it in the 1990s. I had a strong memory of having enjoyed it back then, but I couldn’t really remember much of the premise or the detail apart from the ‘Death spiral’. It’s a novel. A british pianist and conductor Sir Geoffrey Flynch has written a biography ‘The Life of David Debrizzi’ – a child prodigy French concert pianist. The biography (of which we read short extracts) describes Debrizzi’s early life but attempts to glorify Sir Geoffrey’s role in his development and success. Simultaneously, it isRead More →

Hi everyone. Some years ago we had our garden re-designed  (it needed it) by Nigel Philips who also sings bass in the East Sussex Community Choir.  We employed Dave and Mark (father and son) from Southern landscapes and they and Nigel did a wonderful job. 6 years on and we’ve made a slight adjustment so that we can squeeze in a Greenhouse (don’t laugh when you see how big…….small it is) and to tidy up an area we had left undone. It was good that Nigel was once again able to clarify our thoughts and that Dave and Mark were available to do the heavyRead More →